I promised to my classmate write something in english so here comes something. Hope you all understand. Or find someone who does.

We have now recorded two and halv days with Sytyke. All instrumental parts are already "in the can" (like we say in Finland). And I'm happy to say that we are rightly in the schedule. Exept with one tune called Andien tuulet. It is our newest tune and we weren't very happy with it. I think we try to play it again on friday.

Tomorrow is a singin day. It's probably raining, like today and yesterday, so in the morning we can all open our voices with "I'm singing in the rain, just singing in the rain. What glorious feeling, I'm happy again..." At least I will do that.

The first night in Finland we all slept in the studio next to each other. Last night, so as the next one we spent in my friends (who also is a member of Sytyke) parents. And here is always very good food ready in the table, when we come. It's better than in a hotel. Much better. I feel myself like a real princess.

It's little bit strange to stay in Finland without going home. Or even in Kokkola. And just stay here in South. I feel myself a stranger from out of space. The way to Kiuruvesi is something around 600km. To Kokkola its little less. But still much too long. Atleast I will go home after language course. Or should I say that I have to. Those horrible 16 gigs are waiting... 

Ok, now it is raining little bit less, so we will take a walk outside. And I'm so tired my eyes try to close themselves. And my stories are not getting any better today.

Bye, bye, I miss you there in Tallinn.