Here I am at last, in Viljandi. Actually, I arrived here already at monday morning. And I'm so sorry, my dear readers, that I haven't been writing in a while. I should write more often, because othervise I will have too much to say and my messages will be deathly long. Like this one. Now comes something writed in my own bad english. I don't have my littlesister here to correct all my mistakes. Propably she will mention them all in the comments (=kommentit) later. Or then she sends an email.

My parents helped me with all the instruments and other stuff and we traveled by our own car. The trip went quite well. Even it's very hard to drive in Helsinki and Tallin for them, who lives so far in the forest and usually never travel in big towns. In Helsinki we used a navigator, and in Tallinn we  had maybe ten different maps (because we didn't have Estonia in our navigator (which is stupid!)). During the way, the most popular chatting topic for my parents was; "What kind of grains they grow here in the south". And they really enjoyed of comparing them with those we grow in Northern-Savo.

The Culture academy had an opening cermony at 13.00 and all the new students had to go to the front to get some material for studying. Everyone had dressed themselves in fancy clothes exept me. I didn't know it was really a ceremony and not just info... Ok, I didn't have very common clothes either, but some most hippy clothes ever. After I got back to my seat again, I opened the material back, and the first thing I found there were condoms. So this is what we need for studying.

There are only three exchange students in the Culture academy, and I'm the only musician. The other two are also girls. Simone who studies dancepedagogy in Vienna, but is originally from Germany was my roommate for one night. But she wanted to live in a single room, so she moved already away from me. I would kept her longer, because she is so nice and I liked her very much! But I hope we will meet sometimes in the school. Propably not so often, because her lessons are in the main building and mine in the muusikamaja.

The third exchance student is also from Finland and will be my roommate hopefully longer than just one night. I just know her name and that she studies something culturepedagogy-thing and is specialised in drama. And that she is from Helsinki. So it may be that we don't even understand each others. She is now in Tartu and studies eestikeelt until the end of October. And because of that I will propably have this room all alone until that! So, if someone wants to visit me, please do it now when I have a free bed and no one else living in my room!!!!

I haven't had any "real school" yet. Just some infos and some excursions with tutors. We have two tutors with Simone, which are organised by school and then in music departement I have already lots of friends whom I use ofcourse as an unofficial tutors. There are so nice people, and I just want to get to know them better! It feels very good to tell that I'm not the only one who always carries soap bubble-things with! Yesterday they took me and some other new students to one cottage, and we warmed up a sauna and I swam in the lake. Naked like a real finn. There were also lot's of food and of course good live music.

I also had a conversation with my student councelor and she told me just hang around. The other fourth year stundents are mostly doing their practical trainig during the autumn so there are no lessons for them. So, I can participate where ever I want to. And that's what it means, to hang around. Atleast I have my private instrument lessons. And singing lessons. I got also them when I asked. I feel like a princess again. I just have to ask and everything will be arranged for me.

So, everything is just fine. Exept I have an very annoying flu again. I had too much to do in last month. Too much to worry about and definitely too much stress. I had those seventeen concerts and atleast sixteen of them went pretty well. The last one, my aunt's birthday went just somehow trought. We played something what came in our minds, me and my littlesister. Without practising. There was no time or strength for that.

Now it's all over. Being buzy. I feel so free about everything. I'm just hanging around and enjoying about life. I don't even have to use alarm clock. That's the best!